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NEWS (2011/07/28):   Andre has created a how-to for using Eudora Rescue on Linux, located here.  Thanks, Andre!

NEWS (2008/04/04):   Eudora Rescue has moved!  Qwerky has changed ISP, and Eudora Rescue is now located at

Eudora Rescue is a Windows command-line utility designed to convert Eudora mailbox files to standard mbox format. The current version is 0.7.

Eudora maintains its message database in mailbox (*.mbx) files which are not quite standard mbox files. Eudora Rescue converts these files to a slightly more standard format, which greatly enhances their import into other e-mail clients.

Some of the features of Eudora Rescue are:

  • Uses Eudora's Table-of-Content (.toc) files.
  • Uses Eudora's descmap.pce files.
  • Recovers messages lost by Eudora.
  • Recovers message fragments.
  • Inserts a blank line between messages in a mailbox, when there isn't one. May be disabled.
  • May optionally replace the From_ (message delimiter) line's address argument (Eudora format: ???@???) with either a Mozilla format (-) or Unix format (<proper@address>) argument.
  • Inserts X-Mozilla-Status: and X-Mozilla-Status2: headers containing the message's status. May be disabled.
  • May optionally remove the Eudora-specific X-Persona: header, which contains information that could be seen as a security concern by some.
  • May optionally insert an X-Imported: header, making imported messages easily identifiable for filtering.
  • May optionally insert a Received: header if there isn't at least one, for the sake of some clients which may require one in every message.
  • Inserts a Date: header if there isn't one. Eudora's outgoing messages in the mailbox do not have a Date: header. May be disabled.
  • Corrects Eudora's peculiar Content-type: header, or inserts a proper Content-type: header if there is not one. May be disabled.
  • Removes the Eudora-specific <x-html>, </x-html>, <x-flowed>, and </x-flowed> tags within the message body. May be disabled.
  • Removes NULL (0x00) characters which, per RFCs, should never appear.
  • Quotes From_ lines within the message body, as Eudora does not do From_ quoting. May be disabled.
To see what's new in Eudora Rescue, visit the What's New section.

For information on using Eudora Rescue, and how it works, you may wish to view the Readme file.

Eudora Rescue is free for personal, private use only. For full details and for other uses, see the included LICENSE.TXT file.

To download Eudora Rescue, go to the Download page.

To contact the author of Eudora Rescue, see the Contact page.

If you are migrating to Mozilla Thunderbird, you might also be interested in this MozillaZine page.

And if you are looking for a Mac application, you should definitely check out Eudora Mailbox Cleaner by Andreas Amann.

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