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Textadept is a free, cross-platform text and program editor, based on the Scintilla editing component, and written principally in the Lua programming language.  This allows it to be extended and altered by the user to a high degree.

This page contains some of the modules I have written to extend and modify Textadept to suit my own preferences, which I am making freely available to others who may find them useful.  Like Textadept itself, all of these modules remain copyrighted, and are released under the MIT license agreement.  Click on the links in the menu on the left, or in the list below, to read more about a module, or go to the download page to download modules.

Column Marks allows multiple vertical column markers, on a per-file basis.

History remembers files which have been edited in the past, along with their settings, and allows them to be quickly opened from a list.

Per-File Settings allows some common settings to be set an a per-file basis, rather than globally.

Rectangular Selection allows the selection mode to be toggled between stream-mode and column-mode, so that rectangular selections may be made without requiring the <Alt> key to be held down.

Smart Tabs allows the <Tab> key to indent by the same amount as the text above.

Status Bar rearranges and adds additional information to the status bar.

Take Command Lexer is a lexer for Take Command and Take Command Console.

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