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Status Bar

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Status Bar replaces the default status bar reporting found in /textadept/core/ui.lua.  Since that is a core Textadept module, it cannot be overridden simply by placing a same-named module in the user data area.  Therefore, when Status Bar is installed, /textadept/core/ui.lua must be modified to comment out the original status bar reporting in that module.

The Textadept status bar, by default, places the message section on the left side, and the actual status information on the right side of the bar.  Status Bar reverses these two sections, placing the status information on the left, and the message section on the right.  It also provides several additional items of status: Read-Only/Read-Write mode, Sticky mode, Strip trailing spaces mode, Virtual space mode, and Wrap mode.  As well, it shows Select mode if the Rectangular Selection module is installed, and Smart mode if the Smart Tabs module is installed.

The user may edit the code to add, remove, or rearrange items to suit his own preference.  In particular, he may choose to leave the status information on the right side of the bar, and the message area on the left.  To do so, replace "ui.statusbar_text" with "ui.bufstatusbar_text" in Status Bar.

When the status information is placed on the left, as the module does by default, the user should be aware that other Textadept modules will continue to write their messages to the left side of the status bar, overwriting the status information, unless they are modified to write the messages to the right side of the bar.  As of this writing, the following modules need to be modified to replace "ui.statusbar_text" with "ui.bufstatusbar_text":

  • /textadept/core/keys.lua - six occurances
  • /textadept/core/ui.lua - one occurance
  • /textadept/modules/textadept/editing.lua - one occurance
  • /textadept/modules/textadept/find.lua - four occurances
  • /textadept/modules/textadept/macros.lua - three occurances
    Version History:
  • 2019-07-11 Initial version.

To download Status Bar, visit the Download page.

For installation instructions, visit the Installation page.

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