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Smart Tabs

Smart Tabs provides smart forward tabbing (indentation) for Textadept.  When the bound key (<Tab> by default) is pressed, the text is scanned upward until a line is found which is longer than the current caret position.  The caret is then moved right to the position of the first space following the current word within that line, if it is within a word; otherwise it is moved to the next non-space character of that line. Consecutive presses will continue to advance the caret according to the above rule, scanning upward as neccessary.  When no longer line can be found, the caret is advanced according to the default tab width.

At this time, Smart Tabs considers only space characters, and not tab characters, as word boundries, and advances the caret using only space characters, and not tab characters.

Smart Tabs Toggle Smart Tabs adds a Smart Tabs menu item to toggle smart tabs on and off.  It is installed at position six of the Indentation menu within the Buffer menu by default, but its parent menu and position may be changed by the user.  This function is bound to the <SHIFT-CTRL-T> key by default, but may also be changed by the user.

See the NOTES: section near the beginning of the smarttabs.lua file for settings you may wish to change.

    Version History:
  • 2019-08-12 Initial version.

To download Smart Tabs, visit the Download page.

For installation instructions, visit the Installation page.

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