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Rectangular Selection

Rectangular Selection adds a Textadept key mode which, when active, alters the standard selection/navigation keys to use rectangular selection, or column mode, rather than the default stream mode for selection.  Therefore, it is not necessary to hold down the <Alt> key to make a rectangular selection.  When in column mode, a rectangular selection is made simply by holding down the <Shift> key while navigating, rather than the combination of <Shift> + <Alt> keys.

With Rectangular Selection, when column mode selections are cut or copied, they are placed on the clipboard as proper rectangles, even when they include virtual space.  This means that they may be pasted into other applications as proper rectangles.  And, when such selections are pasted back into Textadept, they are also pasted as proper rectangles.  This finds many uses.  For example a column may easily be shifted an arbitrary number of spaces, even when that number is not an even multiple of the tab width.  This (as far as I am aware) makes Textadept the only Scintilla-based editor to have such a feature.
Shift Column Shift arbitrary number of spaces.

Textadept provides many selection/navigation commands for stream selection, but only eight of those commands have a rectangular selection form, which are used by this module. They are:  caret up, caret down, caret left, caret right, home, end, page up, and page down.

Selection Mode Toggle Rectangular Selection adds a Selection Mode menu item to toggle between stream mode and column mode.  It is installed at position seven of the Select menu within the Edit menu by default, but its parent menu and position may be changed by the user.  This function is bound to the <CTRL-L> key by default, but may also be changed by the user.

See the NOTES: section near the beginning of the rectangular.lua file for settings you may wish to change.

    Version History:
  • 2019-09-17 Added rectangular paste of proper rectangle.
  • 2019-09-12 Added cut/copy padding, so that clipboard copy is a proper rectangle, even when taken from virtual space.
  • 2019-07-10 Initial version.

To download Rectangular Selection, visit the Download page.

For installation instructions, visit the Installation page.

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