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Once you have downloaded a module from this site, and have unzipped it, you will have two files:  a license file, and a .lua file, which is the module itself (eg. columnmarks.lua).  Textadept modules should be installed in a directory below your /USERHOME/ directory.

On Linux, the /USERHOME/ directory is usually /.textadept/, located below $HOME (typically /home/username/), eg. /home/username/.textadept/.

On Windows, the /USERHOME/ directory is usually \.textadept\, located below the USERHOME environment variable (typically C:\Users\username\), eg. C:\Users\username\.textadept\.  Alternatively, Textadept may be run with the command-line argument <-u userdata> to specify a different /USERHOME/ directory, typically for a portable installation.  For example, if Textadept is installed in \textadept\ on a flash drive in drive D:, it could be run as D:\textadept\textadept.exe -u D:\textadept\userdata to make /USERHOME/ become D:\textadept\userdata\.

Lexer modules should be installed in /USERHOME/lexers/, eg. /USERHOME/lexers/takecommand.lua.

Other modules should be installed in a directory below /USERHOME/modules/.  This may be done in one of two ways:

  1. If you have created a /USERHOME/modules/common/ directory, and have installed the init.lua code from the Textadept wiki, then you can simply place the module file in your /common/ directory, eg. /USERHOME/modules/common/columnmarks.lua.

  2. If you prefer to install each module in its own directory, then create a directory for the module, eg. /USERHOME/modules/columnmarks/, and in that directory place the module file, but rename it init.lua, eg. /USERHOME/modules/columnmarks/init.lua.  Then, in your user /USERHOME/init.lua file, add the line require 'modulename', where modulename is the name of the directory you created, eg. require 'columnmarks'.
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