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Column Marks

Like many editors, Textadept has a capability to indicate the right-margin of a document, either by a coloured vertical line at that column, or by a coloured background for columns beyond the margin.  It also has the ability to display multiple vertical lines to indicate specified column positions.  But these two mutually exclusive abilities are an all-or-nothing feature–once set, they apply to all open files.

Column Marks Column Marks for Textadept provides the ability for each open file to have to have its own edge-mode (either none, background, line, or multiline), its own edge-column or multiple column marks, and its own edge-background/edge-column colour, or column mark colour.  It also provides two functions, Next Column Mark and Previous Column Mark, to move the caret to the next or previous column mark column.  This is invaluable for editing columnar-type data.

Secret Hint:  once multiple column marks are set, the edge-mode may be set to another setting (background, line, none), and the Next Column Mark and Previous Column Mark functions will continue to operate, even without the column marks being visible.

History for Textadept has also been updated to save and restore the edge-mode, edge-column, edge-colour, column-mark-colour, and column-marks for each file, when Column Marks is installed.

Column Marks adds a Column Marks menu with the Next Column Mark and Previous Column Mark functions, and which also allows setting the Edge Mode (Background, Line, Multiline, None), setting the Edge Column and Edge Colour, and setting multiple Column Marks and Column Mark Colour.  It is installed at position five of the Buffer menu by default, but its parent menu and position may be changed by the user.  The functions are bound to keys, which may also be changed by the user.

See the NOTES: section near the beginning of the columnmarks.lua file for settings you may wish to change.

    Version History:
  • 2019-09-03 Transfered save/restore of Insert mode to perfileset.lua.
  • 2019-07-29 Initial version.

To download Column Marks, visit the Download page.

For installation instructions, visit the Installation page.

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