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Sort-By Button 0.3

This simple extension adds a 'Sort-By' button to Thunderbird's toolbar palette, and also adds an 'Account' item to the View->Sort menu.

Clicking the Sort-By button drops down a list of columns (same as View->Sort menu) by which the thread pane may be sorted. Used in conjunction with dorando's keyconfig extension, it may also be accessed by a short-cut key, and may even provide single-key access to individual sorts.

It is based on dorando's blank.xpi, who also supplied the code (many thanks, dorando!). I have therefore listed dorando as the creator, and myself as a contributor, since I tried to develop some suitable icons for Thunderbird's 2.0 default skin. As you can tell, I am no graphic artist. :-)

This is my first Mozilla extension, created as a learning example. Though simple in nature, it demonstrates some fundamental extension development concepts, which may be of help to others.

Mr. Qwerky

Download Sort-By Button 0.3

Version History

0.3 2007-06-25 Added large and small versions of normal, hover (select), and disabled (grayed) icons for Thunderbird's 2.0 default skin in a single, combined .png file.
0.2 2007-06-24 Added 'Account' menu item.
Added simple, single, small icon.
0.1 2007-06-23 The original text-only button.

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